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Studio Heijne Wants You To Distinguish Yourself

In the vast jungle of fashion labels, one often finds themselves lost. From street labels to the luxury ones, the possibilities are endless. Still often no matter how much one spends, the results seem to be scarily similar. Instagram is full of it: The high fashion “originals” and its high street pendants. Diet Prada can tell you a thing or two about it.

Never before in the history of fashion, have women had the urge to be more individual in their style. Yet, due to high consumerism, they end up being more and more uniformed. Maybe we are past buttoned up dresses from the Victorian era with the exact same length on every single lady, but those who can afford it will buy the Chanel boy bag or the Chanel espadrilles. And those who can’t will find very good alternatives at Zara.

Developing one’s own very personal style nowadays might be more difficult than ever before. Technology and globalisation made everything available with just a click. Cheap production costs in countries like China, Pakistan and India provide affordable clothing. Trends come and go in a weeks time.

In every fashion professional’s opinion, a personal style reflects a lot of a woman’s and a man’s personality, often even character. One could say it is a mirror that depicts the real you.

But how do we stand out from the crowd?

In the past few years there has been a new development in the arts, a so called new wave if you want. Brilliant designers who work for big corporations decided they will not “waste” their talent but use it to mark an important change. In fashion it resulted into small labels which focus on exceptional unique design and fair trade.

One of those fashion labels is the Swedish Studio Heijne. I met its owner and head designer Wendy Heijne at her opening show two years ago at the Stockholm Fashion Week.
Wendy has remarkable taste and an eye for materials and patterns. So what makes Studio Heijne different from other labels?

The lovely Designer herself: Wendy Heijne of Studio Heijne

Wendy is of the mind that every woman is particular in her own right. This is true for the body image as well as character or personality. That’s why each of these women should stick out. By designing fashion that accustoms the unique needs of a woman, Wendy vows to make the much needed change.

Studio Heijne’s garments are alterable. Depending on the occasion, the body type or mood, one can decide about the material, the colour, the general length or the length of the sleeves on each dress. All of that is available at the Studio Heijne web shop, but in order to have one’s own experience, Studio Heijne hosts in regular intervals the so called Customise Parties.

So how does it work?

1. Choose your favourite design
2. Customise it by choosing the standard or the personalised size and style
3. The Studio Heijne Atelier makes it according to the customer’s wishes
4. Et voilà Studio Heijne delivers it to the home address in one to three weeks time

The garment and the studio

Today I am at one of the label’s Customise Parties. It is not my first one and definitely won’t be my last one. The atelier is a composition of blush and bubble. Feminine colours are dominating the space with lots of light and a clean and neat interior. Located in a side street from Drottninggatan, its central location provides for an easy access. The Studio is not open every day but responds to their customers, making it somewhat exclusive.

Wendy knows how to host a party. With healthy snacks and champagne, she lures her clientele in a subtle way by providing them with attractive on site offers and a great experience, that I believe everyone will be talking about for days to come.

And what does the designer have to say about the future of fashion?

“Tailor made fashion is the future and standard sizes are likely to disappear. In the times to come you will be able to easily get an online avatar with your exact dimensions to test the clothes you choose, tailor to your personal dimensions and they will be made immediately after ordering. I see in front of me a tool that allows you to customise your clothes yourself by drawing a line to get the exact length of your neck.”

Well then, I’d say it’s bright prospects that await us.
Thank you Studio Heijne for a lovely afternoon.

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Swedish Avenue December 2, 2017