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Stockholm Fashion Week

Fashion Week in Stockholm. Last week was all about that. Scandinavian and international designers presenting their collections and the rest of us running around and trying to catch up.

For me it was quite a busy week, as I was running from one show to the other, from one event to the next. So I am pretty happy that I found a quiet moment while listening to classic Arcade Fire, where I can tell you all about it after my impressions have settled in.

Apart from the “classics” like Whyred, J. Lindenberg, Ida Sjöstedt or House of Dagmar, there has been some fresh wind like for instance Studio Heijne.

Photo credit: Frida Möller/Studio Emma Svensson

I was very impressed by Studio Heijne’s presentation. For one, its website launched on Day 1 of the Fashion Week. I got an invitation to go to the Studio’s evening presentation after a successful show. Studio Heijne uses exceptional materials to create dresses and scarves for both every day use and special occasions. Finding everything from lose to structured dress styles, Studio Heijne is special insofar that not only do they use colors, other than black, white and grey, which is commonly found in fashion by Scandi designers, but once you go to their website, they let the creativity of the customer flow. Meaning, one is able to customize or rather personalize their own garment by deciding on length or color combination. And if the standard size does not suit a customer, Studio Heijne offers to book a measure session. So much to custom made and craftsmanship. This was one big fat reason for Swedish Avenue to fall for Studio Heijne. Not to mention that Wendy Heijne, the founder and designer of the label is lovely, and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Worth mentioning are also the Swedish Fashion Talents. Swedish Fashion Talents is a project that Swedish Fashion Council has run since 2005 with the aim of supporting new fashion brands in establishment on the market. Many of today’s well known brands started as “a” Swedish Fashion Talent, among them House of Dagmar, who received the Swedish Fashion Talent award in 2005, Ida Sjöstedt, who famously designed the wedding dress of Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, Ida Klamborg, Carin Wester and many more.

Swedish Avenue is proud to have realized a collaboration with EA 4TH, one of this year’s Fashion Talents. Acky Akharadet Ekchanok, the founder, designer and creative director of the label, has also shown his talent on Project Runway. EA 4th is defined by a combination of clean shapes with organic lines and cuts to create interesting details. Inspiration for the collections mostly comes from human emotions combined with contemporary architecture and nature and all garments are hand made. Swedish Avenue loves the work of EA 4TH and we are looking forward to new collections by this very talented designer.

Photo credit: EA 4TH

Another favorite of mine was the Fashion Market at Stockholms Auktionsverk. Focused on jewelry and accessories in general, there was also for the first time a vintage fashion show presenting Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Céline, Balenciaga and Valentino. The pieces shown during the fashion show will be auctioned online September 27 at
Apart from the high fashion vintage pieces, what caught my eye, were two labels. One, Mumu Bags and two Hyde’s Spectacles.
Mumu Bags is a brand founded by three friends from Sweden, Italy and Poland, who design beautiful high quality leather bags and accessories for women with leather only from Italy. All products are handcrafted. It was a pleasure meeting the founders, who are at the same time the designers and to get to know more about their products and I felt truly special trying on the different bags.

Mumu bags
Photo credit: Mumu bags

Hyde’s Spectacles is a Swedish brand specializing in sun glasses and optical frames. The brand is all about enjoying life and the brand’s customers and collaborators serve as the designer’s inspiration. How much more personal than that can it get? Today eyewear is an important part of one’s image and Hyde’s Spectacles aim to market themselves among those with strong personalities, a demanding group in terms of quality and design. In addition to the ready-to-wear line, Hyde’s offers a bespoke service, where clients have the opportunity to create and design their own unique pair or limited edition.
It’s true, I tried on different styles, and felt like from a drop dead gorgeous diva or celebrity to somebody who totally could hide behind the shades. All together a fantastic experience.


These have been my fashion week highlights and as I am writing this, I am sitting at my favorite square Mariatorget, close to my favorite street Hornsgatan, sipping my super special coffee at Drop Coffee Roasters and looking at the stylish people that surround me. Scandinavian designers not only have defined fashion, but with the designers’ simplicity, unique design and high quality materials, are about to conquer the world by slowly influencing and establishing themselves in the world’s greatest cities like New York, London, Berlin, Hamburg or Tokyo. And I am very grateful to be a part of it.

Until the next time..
Azra and the Swedish Avenue team

Swedish Avenue September 5, 2016