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My day at Skansen

This week I went to Skansen. Located on the Djurgården island in Stockholm, Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden. It was founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius to give an insight into the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the beginning of industrial era.


Meant to be Sweden in miniature, it’s home to villages, nature, commerce and industry with around 150 traditional houses and other exhibits from all over the country.

All the houses in Skansen represent various trades and areas of Sweden. The visitors are greeted by staff that are wearing period costumes and are welcome to find out all about the different handcrafts while exploring life of past centuries.


My personal highlight was the glass-blowers’ cottage. Watching the complex forms emerge from glowing blobs of liquid glass is truly captivating. Another memorable spot is the Nordic Zoo, with elk, reindeer, wolverines and other native wildlife. To be able to see all these beautiful animals in one spot, where they can mimic their natural habitat is fascinating.



Everything kept to their primary shape and function, one can find a bakery that is still operational, a bank/post office (which is refreshing, considering that there are no traditional post offices in Sweden anymore and that banks mostly are at your disposal online), a machine shop, botanical gardens and Mr. Hazelius’ mansion. There are also 46 buildings from rural areas across Sweden, including a Sami camp, farmsteads representing several regions, a manor house and a school.



All the important holidays are represented at Skansen. Now with the first Advent coming this Sunday Christmas markets will open and one will be able to experience the Christmas spirit to the full extent.

For the Swedish Avenue editorial I wore Scandi brands J.Lindeberg, By Malene Birger and Acne Studios.


Swedish Avenue November 24, 2016