Swedish Avenue was founded by Azra, a designer who discovered her passion for the Scandinavian culture very early on in her life. Raised and educated in Vienna, Austria, Azra moved to Stockholm to pursue a career in fashion and design. Being surrounded by the fantastic design the city has to offer, and absorbing the culture she fell in love with so early on in her life, Azra wanted to create something that would unite and represent everything the region of Scandinavia has to offer when it comes to fashion, design and interiors.

So far the hard work and effort have paid off, since for Swedish Avenue, Azra was able to meet designers from the whole Scandinavia region, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. Getting to know the designers and understanding their work has brought immense enrichment for Swedish Avenue.

Over the last few decades the fashion and design industry took a significant turn. The Haute Couture and later the more affordable ready-to-wear lines of high end brands were especially in the first three quarters of the 20th century available only for European aristocracy, American high society and later Japan and the Golf countries like Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

With the fall of the Iron Curtain and with China opening its market, the clientele extended to Russia, China and India. The world opened up step by step by becoming global and so even the most expensive high end brands turned their production to the developing countries.

Elsewhere beginning from the 1980s there was another trend that started developing quickly, the rise of street style brands. Street style as opposed to Haute Couture is affordable fashion made open to the populace.

Brands like Zara, H&M, Mango and its more expensive counterparts Massimo Dutti, COS and & Other Stories quickly became the rising stars in the fashion industry, especially among teenagers and young professionals. In the design apartment IKEA took over the likes of mainly the younger audience who would furnish their very first apartments.

In the last two and a half decades Haute Couture became accessible for anyone who could afford the luxury with no restrictions. Street style became more important and started offering in many cases high quality for good money. The world became global and mass production became a thing.

In recent years though the term “think global, act local” started to gain more importance. There was and still is a certain need to return to origins and with that to own objects that are hand crafted or custom made. And with that a new trend is born. Designers and artisans who’s passion it is to create beautiful objects, that take time and that are produced in the country of origin.

Inspired by the stories that each designer brings with themselves, they create singular and sophisticated pieces in fashion and interior design. And Swedish Avenue just built a window to that unique Scandinavian design and the designer’s stories and would like to invite the world to be a part of this magnificent journey.

We would be delighted for you to join us.

Azra and the Swedish Avenue team.