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Introducing Avenue Style

Stockholm is an incredibly stylish city, and I know I have mentioned that about a bazillion times. I am not sure what makes the Scandis so chic, but I would definitely say that it’s their ability to make simplicity stand out. Usually they use the colors black, white and grey and then add a piece of clothing that peps the whole look up. It is also worth mentioning that Scandis have made comfort look classy. Whereas women in New York City are spending money on Manolos and Louboutins, Scandis love nothing more than a good old sneaker that they managed to make look nothing short of dapper.

In order to show you how much Stockholm is in vogue, I have decided to start the Avenue Style column. Every now and then I try myself out as a street style photographer to get people with outstanding style in front of my camera.

Here are my first attempts. Enjoy the gallery.

Name: Ann-Cathrine Liska
Occupation: Head of community at

“I believe in fashion changing the world in a positive way. I believe in young people who can do that. They can get out and change the world. Fashion is changing and so are we. We get practical, because we need to move faster. We don’t use cars, so we are wearing comfortable, yet stylish foot wear. The future is the young people.”

What I am wearing: Acne, Ann Demeulemeester and Wild Fox Bel Air sunglasses.


Name: Josefin Dahlberg
Occupation: Blogger, editor in chief at

“Stockholmers have in general good style. You can find lots of outstanding people here in Södermalm”.

Processed with Snapseed.

At this point I have to add that when approaching Josefin, I had no idea that she is a famous blogger. It was a wonderful coincidence to meet her this way.

Name: Tommy Guldstrand
Occupation: Fashion sales

Processed with Snapseed.

Name: Johan Couchér
Occupation: Photographer

“I like to wear predominantly Swedish brands. I would describe my look as dandy-ish but with a personal touch”.

What I am wearing: Weekday, Red Wing shoes.

Processed with Snapseed.

Name: Pål Fredriksson
Occupation: TV Editor

“I prefer wearing second hand clothes. There are lots of unique finds that add a personal touch to my wardrobe”.

Processed with Snapseed.

That’s the Avenue Style for this week loves. I’d like to thank everyone who stopped and let me take a shot with my camera to introduce my very first Avenue Style post.

Azra/Swedish Avenue

Swedish Avenue September 18, 2016