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Fridays are of special importance in the Swedish culture. Come Friday, the doors to the weekend are opened and one can finally get lose from all the week’s stress and spend their time with their loved ones. This letting lose and getting cosy on Fridays has become a somewhat cultural phenomenon in Sweden and the Swedes gave it the name Fredagsmys, meaning exactly what it is: Friday cosiness.

Usually Fredagsmys starts at the end of the work day and people gather together at home. How Fredagsmys is spent, varies from person to person. Young families usually stay at home with their kids, prepare some light meal (meaning not only in sense of calories but in sense of time consuming – the less, the better) and watch a tv show.
Friends usually get together in the evening and have a few drinks at home before heading out on a night on the town.

However it is spent though, it’s supposed to make you feel good about yourself, get off all the stress and bring you into a weekend of balance.

I like the idea of Fredagsmys. I love it that in this very fast approaching world, there is this habit of taking some time off just for yourself. It’s almost like meditation. So I developed my own way of a Fredagsmys ritual.
For me Friday cosiness starts at lunchtime. I love to have a good meal. The weather is still warm and sunny and just about everyone enjoys some time being out and soaking up the sun. And that combined with some excellent and tasty food is a win-win.
I am so happy to live in Stockholm, not only does it provide me with fabulous fashion and beautiful interior, but also with amazing food.
Living here for almost three years, I have never eaten badly, I have never had something that left me unsatisfied. I love how the Swedes do food in general. The husmanskost is Swedish plain fare, using local ingredients and food, from fish to meat, and vegetables that are home-grown in Sweden.

Today my choice for the start of Fredagsmys was the Restaurang J. I met there with my husband who also had a lunch break. Restaurant J is a beautiful New England style restaurant, located at Nacka Strand. It belongs to the Hotel J group, which is home to the hotel, the restaurant and a villa, called Tornvilla. Tornvilla is usually booked for weddings, and the hotel and the restaurant are welcoming guests every day.

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Swedes love to start lunch with bread and butter. A habit that I have come to love. The bread is so tasty and butter just complements it.

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I ordered a fried breaded codfish with remoulade sauce, potatoes and fried parsley. I usually don’t eat anything fried, but Swedes know how to make even fried healthy. Needless to say that I was very content and enjoyed every single bite.

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After i finished with my meal, I stayed at the restaurant but went outside to soak up the sun once more. Then I jumped into the boat, that would let me off in the city center and from there on I got home, to write all about my beautiful day with a cup of coffee.

The rest of Friday is starting just about now. Let’s see what else this wonderful day holds for me.
Have a lovely Fredagsmys.

Azra/Swedish Avenue

Swedish Avenue September 16, 2016