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Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram account with the title “Friday inspiration”. The picture shows an office space, dubbed by me as #officegoals, designed by an interior designer with obviously an impeccable taste. Of course it also could be that the client had that aforementioned impeccable taste. Howsoever that space turned out to be magnificent.

The office space I am talking about.

Swedish Avenue in its core represents Scandinavian Lifestyle. This lifestyle consists of fashion, interiors, travel, beauty, city life and everything that represents the people who live in the Scandinavian countries. I am lucky to call Stockholm my home, where every day I find new inspiration for myself and my company.

Lately I was very focused on the travel and the fashion part, by writing about topics related to these two elements or posting about them on Instagram and Facebook. But recently I found that I lack something, and that is the interior segment to the whole story. Being a designer myself, somebody who spent a large amount of time working in architecture, I would like to focus on what actually is Scandinavian Design, share my expertise and bring it closer to you, my very cherished audience.

Until the next post.

xx Azra/Swedish Avenue

Swedish Avenue March 7, 2017