Studio Heijne Wants You To Distinguish Yourself

In the vast jungle of fashion labels, one often finds themselves lost. From street labels to the luxury ones, the possibilities are endless. Still often no matter how much one spends, the results seem to be scarily similar. Instagram is full of it: The high fashion “originals” and its high street pendants. Diet Prada can tell […]

Swedish Avenue
December 2, 2017

On Why March 8th Matters

The words belong to Diane von Furstenberg. Excerpt taken from the Vogue Magazine. Women have come a long way. From voting rights, over rights for education to the rights to work and equal pay, it was a long lasting fight that still is going on. 1975 the day was adopted by the UN, before that […]

Swedish Avenue
March 8, 2017

The Design Stories

Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram account with the title “Friday inspiration”. The picture shows an office space, dubbed by me as #officegoals, designed by an interior designer with obviously an impeccable taste. Of course it also could be that the client had that aforementioned impeccable taste. Howsoever that space turned out […]

Swedish Avenue
March 7, 2017


We stand at the end of our trip to Cuba with Viñales as the last stop. Initially we planned on going to Viñales at the very beginning of our journey, right after Havana. We wanted to explore for two full days the nature (especially the caves) and do some horse riding. But the lack of […]

Swedish Avenue
March 7, 2017


Half way through our trip, we were ready for some beach time. When we were planning our Cuba trip, we heard a lot about Varadero, some good stories, but mostly bad ones. I think there is a lot of prejudice when it comes to Varadero. Mostly one will hear that it is a very touristy […]

Swedish Avenue
February 22, 2017


Trinidad, as we would find out later in the day was further away, than we previously imagined. It turned out, we had no idea. The thing is that when planning your trip, you actually can’t even imagine what the country is like, and no guide in this world can prepare you for what is about […]

Swedish Avenue
February 12, 2017

La Habana – Day II

The next day, we had a more opulent breakfast, knowing that it might be the only meal for the day. We took a hop on – hop off bus to get a bigger picture of the city. Among the many neighborhoods and monuments the highlight of the tour was the Plaza de la Revolucion with […]

Swedish Avenue
February 2, 2017

La Habana

¡Buenos dias La Habana! Waking up the first morning in Havana, after a somewhat squalid welcome at the airport, was a pleasant surprise. As I mentioned in the post before, at the Havana airport I thought it will be two very long weeks. Everything at the airport looked so miserable and shabby. I was wondering […]

Swedish Avenue
February 1, 2017

The Cuba Diaries

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been intrigued by the Latin American culture. The first time I got introduced to the culture vividly, was when my father’s PhD mentor who later became a very good family friend made a three-week-trip through Latin America with his family back in the 1980s. The wonderful stories, […]

Swedish Avenue
January 22, 2017

Season’s Greetings from Swedish Avenue

May your holidays be happy days filled with love and laughter. And may each day bring joy your way in the year that follows after. It has been an exciting year for us at Swedish Avenue. We are looking forward to the next and welcome you to share our Scandinavian story and journey with us. […]

Swedish Avenue
December 23, 2016